Target Switzerland: A Paul Muller Novel of Political Intrigue

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Inspired by Actual Events

TARGET SWITZERLAND is a Gripping Historical Novel

The year is 1939 and Europe is hurtling toward war.  Paul Muller is a Swiss intelligence agent trying to fend off threats from Germany, but also from Britain and France.  Secret agreements reveal unexpected danger and menacing entanglements loom as Switzerland becomes a target in the impending conflict.

Target Switzerland is another plunge into the cauldron of pre-war Europe by the author, who once again delivers a richly atmospheric narrative transporting the reader into that fraught era.  Muller uncovers plots to gain advantage by ruse and ploy—and resort to violence.  It is a compelling story of intrigue and deception..

The novel draws on little known historical facts in fashioning a taut and absorbing storyline.  Diplomatic deception leads to high stakes disputes and risky encounters as Muller confronts spies, negotiates with corrupt arms dealers and unravels subversive financial transactions.

The atmosphere of doubt and fear will resonate with readers as characters face dangerous choices, unwitting actors on a path to war.


Readers of Danzig and A Spy in Vienna will recognize the deft pen and sophisticated narrative of the new master of the Inter-war novel

High praise from early reviews of Target Switzerland:

William Walker has become the new master of the interwar novel, capturing the intensity and the drama of the unfolding spectacle of a world spinning toward war.  He continues to deliver sophisticated insight into an epoch of uncertainty and fear, bringing history to life in his realistic portrayal of men and women confronting life and death choices.”  Trace Evidence Press.

“A gripping, fast-paced novel of historical fiction.  Arms trafficking, financial manipulation and casual resort to violence offer the framework for this richly detailed and highly entertaining narrative.”  Bookmarks


Switzerland was a target for all the belligerents.  Paul Muller is the agent charged with keeping them at bay. Readers will relish the rich detail of this intense novel