Espionage, betrayal and sabotage consume Paul Muller as he confronts the perils of a confused and fearful time.

About William N. Walker

William N. Walker is the author of five popular and well reviewed novels of inter-war Europe.  He brings to his novels a lifetime of experience as a diplomat, government official and international businessman.

Praise for William N. Walker's Works

“There's a reason Walker's novels have become so popular; this is a really good book that captures the drama of Europe descending into war. Readers are in for another treat as Paul Muller tries to navigate a maelstrom of intrigue and violence.”


“Another gripping, fast paced novel that propels the reader into the violence and upheaval that exploded at the outset of World War II. Realistic and engrossing, readers will be rewarded with a compelling narrative they won't want to put down.”

—Trace Evidence Press

“I began reading the Paul Muller series after finishing Alan Furst and Philip Kerr; I now consider William Walker their equal.”

—Amazon Review, Target Switzerland, May 2021

The Paul Muller Novels of Political Intrigue

If WAR Should Come

A sweeping novel of intrigue and suspense. It’s the autumn of 1939 and Europe lurches uncertainly into war. Paul Muller is catapulted into a diplomatic cauldron of treachery and betrayal as both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union threaten war on new fronts.

A compelling narrative of political intrigue and violence. Readers will relish being exposed to little-known events that Muller encounters, vividly illustrating the perils of a confused and fearful time. No one writes about high stakes 1930’s political intrigue more convincingly than Mr. Walker. If WAR Should Come is a masterpiece of sophisticated historical fiction.

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Target Switzerland

Target Switzerland is another plunge into the cauldron of pre-war Europe by the author, who once again delivers a richly atmospheric narrative transporting the reader into that fraught era.  Muller uncovers plots to gain advantage by ruse and ploy—and resort to violence.  It is a compelling story of intrigue and deceit. The novel draws on little known historical facts in fashioning a taut and absorbing storyline.  Diplomatic deception leads to high stakes disputes and risky encounters as Muller confronts spies, negotiates with corrupt arms dealers and unravels subversive financial transactions.

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A Spy in Vienna

A Spy in Vienna, is a novel of political intrigue, dramatizing the Nazi takeover of Austria in 1938.  It is the second Paul Muller novel set in Europe before World War II.

In the new novel, Muller is recruited to become a spy in Vienna to resist Hitler’s campaign to absorb Austria into the German Reich. Muller plays a dangerous game of helping Austria oppose Hitler’s demands and hatches a bold plan to divert Austria’s gold reserves so they stay out of Hitler’s grasp. The novel captures a gripping drama in rich and vivid detail as political pressures mount and the threat of war looms.

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Danzig debuted to critical acclaim in May 2016, and continues to attract rave reviews for its authenticity and its realistic portrayal of high pressure diplomatic clashes between Hitler and European democracies in the 1930s. The story encompasses fast-paced events in Geneva, Berlin, Warsaw and London, as well as Danzig itself, capturing the drama of unfolding crisis that engulfed Europe on what we now know was the path to war.

Combing real history with a compelling story, Danzig has attracted a large and growing audience as it kicks off the highly successful Paul Muller series of novels.

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